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So much to learn from all these talented people! I am glad they are not afraid to share their processes online.

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This is nice.


Living Room Loft Conversion

This is nice.


Living Room Loft Conversion

I would love to have this in my house.


The Swing Table by Christopher Duffy of Duffy London. Your new sex swing.

Really useful? Or just brilliant campaigning? Either way.. I REALLY WANT ONE.

If a messy workspace signifies a messy mind, then let me ask.. what does an empty/overly tidied workspace signify?

I have always wanted to be a knife maker. To hear what it’s like from the horse’s mouth actually really excites me. Not too sure how big a market there would be here though.

this boy is amazing! would love to be nine again.. when life was just so simple..




I can’t express how much I love this.

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I love kids.

This kid rules.

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I am not sure where this originated but it is making its rounds on FB. Totally described my life in design school. lol

Should totally make a set of this for myself..


Inbox Mini Cargo Crates by Labyrinth

Available at designboom shop.



Wonderful shelf system from Bjørn Jørund Blikstad

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