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On "Star Gazing," Yunho Admits He "Considered Early Retirement Due to Anti-fans" | MoonROK 

Anti-fans are sick. So are stalkers. I don’t understand this.. How do you expect them to trust genuine fans when there crazies like that around?

favorite red light lyrics

Hahahhaa. No matter how it is translated, this conversation is gold! Smooth talker Victoria..


it saddens me to see krystal and amber not be as close as before

민호오빠랑 라마송 ㅋㅋ the llama song with Minho (작곡/작사/편곡: 최민호) (Composed Written Arranged by Minho Choi)

These guys on crack.. Hahahaa

HYOMIN - NICE BODY LYRICS (English & Romanized) 

WOW.. this is really a terrible song! What kinds of values are they trying to teach girls?! 


English Translation

Ah yeah
You know Brave sound
Hyomin, Loco
Let’s do that
Let me see your body move
I love that

Any woman would love to show off
Any woman goes on a diet at least once
When you’re a woman, you of course want to receive love
The prince of my dreams will certaintly appear…


I’ll have the tacocat with a side of palindrome please!


f(x) for High Cut

I can’t stop staring at Krystal’s lips.

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